Pavement Saw #6

The Minty Fresh Pirate Issue

"when you see the minty fresh pirate

it's got to be good!!"


88 pages
Perfect Bound,
Inspiring Minty Cover.


INWHICH notions of the new caffinated breath mints are posted dated into use by historical archetypes of pirates, INWHICH neighbors threaten the press, BEFOREWHICH a death occurs and therefore is taken with all due seriousness and THEREBY Stevie starts packing a derringer, INWHICH a mime indirectly sends a woeful omen through his appearance, INWHICH a crossword puzzle on pet ownership is imbedded in the poems, WHEREFORE, use of Monkey Business can improve poems, WHENCEFORTH Big Gay Eric sez "when you see the minty fresh pirate, it's got to be good!"


"Between tornadoes and trailer park meth lab explosions it is hard to believe there is anything left standing in Ohio, let alone good literature..." ES (LA, CA)

"LOVED your ed. note in the new PS--that energy really permeates the mag! May your pirate vessel storm the seas for a good long while." Eric Lorberer, Editor, Rain Taxi

"This is more daring than even the "'Whitey Issue.' " Toledo James

"Is that a duck?" LLC Cleveland, OH

"We are particularly delighted with your focus on the "unknown" or "unsung" authors." --Poet's House

"I am American" LM Paris, France

"Perhaps moving to Ohio has been good for you, or so it would seem taking Pavement Saw as evidence" Gil Ott, Philly

"rejection is part of life I guess, thankfully I'm not trying to date" ME (MA)

"The cover art looks like that 'I remember' guys" TT (nyc)

COVER ART by John Q. Pirate
Cartoons by Bill Dunlap

Feature: Julie Otten whose full length book MILK CHIP MONDAY was eventually published by Pavement Saw Press in 2006. Her work has appeared in Atom Mind, Poetry Motel, Longshot and others.

with honorary buccaneers:

Micah Ballard, John M. Bennett, James Bertolino, Anne Blonstein, Robert Cooperman, MTC Cronin, Ray Gonzalez, Anne Gorrick, Rob Griffith, Taj Jackson, Sandra Kohler, Joshua McKinney, Sheila E. Murphy, Sophia Starnes, Alan Sondheim, dan raphael, Stephen Ratcliffe, Maj Ragain, Timothy Russell

and many other blustery word frigates of funnery.